Totally 80s

We are Totally 80s, a throwback from yesteryear dedicated to delivering the ultimate 80s experience.

The 80s was an era where music had substance and style. It was the dawning of the New Romantics, the explosion of synthesisers, electronic drum kits and gravity defying hair. The 80s was a generation that cared for the future and wanted an end to nuclear threats and starving nations.

Totally 80s are a Melbourne based 80's tribute experience that stay true to the sounds and image of the 80s, using the exact instruments from the era to reproduce the songs as they were recorded.

If you desire to be taken back to the days the where faces of Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran or David Bowie plastered your walls, forget the DeLorean, Totally 80s is the band you're looking for to take you on a journey back to this magical time.

If you enjoyed singing along to Countdown, Top of the Pops or the latest vinyl or cassette purchased from Brashs, you will love Totally 80s live performances. Audience participation is a must, so dust off your pastels, neon, Ra Ra skirts and Hypercolour T-shirts, and Totally 80s will have you recalling the dance moves you copied from video clips and perfected on the dance floors of Blue Light Discos.



Saturday 13 January


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